Sardinia is known to be a natural adventure land. This breath-taking Italian island attracts millions of tourists in its peak summer months with its plentiful idyllic beaches, social scene and unmatched crystal waters, but in November to February, Sardinia is not only quieter, greener and one of the best destinations for winter sun in Europe, it is also home to lush vegetation and abundant mountains with a vast number of unmissable natural landscapes that are best explored while trekking!  

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Autumn-Winter in Sardinia will give you the perfect conditions to appreciate the true heritage of Sardinia with routes offering an all-round experience: in almost all cases the paths are perfectly marked and clearly visible. Scenic coastal trails will wind around the shores providing seaside views and in-land trails will lead to the top of granite rock mountains and through magnificent forests. Some trails will weave you through and around ancient archaeological sites!

Sella del Diavolo Hike – Cagliari, The Roman Road to Su Cordolinu and a hike from Cala Cipolla to Tuerredda are just three of many unforgettable hikes our clients have enjoyed. Our concierge team can guide you on the best routes and as far as the level of difficulty is concerned, you can start with an easy walk along the seashore, gradually increasing the level until you reach treks of 3 hours or more with increasingly challenging slopes. For the more adventurous, trekking can be combined with abseiling, canyoning and kayaking.