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Property Management

An effective property management company adds significant value to your investment, which is why many seasoned real estate investors will tell you that a good management company is worth their weight in gold.

To manage a real estate property for residential use goes beyond the management of a property and its surrounding landscape. We believe that a profitable property management partnership offers every service that would deliver an exponential increase to the value and demand of your property year on year.

Von der Heyden Real Estate’s 30 year international in real estate gives access to the most fruitful property management services that are bespoke to your investment, leaving owners to sit back and reap the benefits. Higher quality tenants, lower maintenance and repair costs, shorter vacancy cycles, personal benefits for owners and better tenant retention are just a few of the advantages you can expect when committing yourself to a good property management company.

To manage a residential property effectively, specific professional skills are required both in the field of building maintenance services, organization of cleaning and any green areas, and in the economic sector such as, for example, the invoicing of rents and the relationship with tenants in general and, finally, in the management of any ancillary services such as “Concierge services”.

As can be deduced from the vastness of the activities to be managed, a general competence based on the intersection of several disciplinary fields is needed. In fact, it will be necessary to consider technical aspects of an architectural and plant engineering nature and, in particular, aspects of human resource management and economic elements of optimization also from an environmental point of view.

In other words, the Property Manager takes care of all those goods and services that need to be made available to the Property to effectively allow it to enter the real estate market in the best possible way.

The management of large assets of real estate funds

When a Property Manager is also a real estate manager, focused on producing financial income, they will face particular challenges that add complexity to the usual tasks of their job.

To ensure that real estate assets, especially large ones, are effectively profitable, two conditions must be met:

• an increasing, or at least constant, property value;

• high employment which, through leases, creates income.

As regards the first aspect, there are many factors that influence the market value of a property and many of them, obviously, escape the control of the property manager, but certainly the support to the real estate value given by the maintenance and modernization works, it is fully part of the duties of those who manage real estate assets.