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Bosa 2


Nestled between the sky and the water, Bosa opens up in an explosion of colours to the eyes of those who, driving along the coastal road from Alghero, discover this village nestled between vineyards and olive groves.

An ancient settlement, it is the only one in Sardinia to have developed on the banks of a river, the Temo, the mainstay of the town and a resource for the commercial exchanges that have always characterised Bosa’s history.

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Waterfront Villa Ginepro For Rent Costa Smeralda, Sardinia


How the Flat Tax works

The Flat Tax can be defined as the substitute tax of the IRPEF one, on income produced abroad, applied to individuals who transfer their tax residence to Italy. It is established on a flat-rate basis, with a fixed rate, for each period of effectiveness of the scheme: for the single option it is € 100,000, while for family members, it is € 25,000.

The purpose of this tax model is to encourage the owners of large assets and income from foreign sources to move their tax residence to Italy.

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Piscinas Ii


Golden giants reflected in the turquoise sea, they constantly change shape due to the incessant blowing of the mistral that brings them to life, in this small Saharan desert dotted with Mediterranean maquis that shines on the west coast of Sardinia. The dunes of Piscinas, the pearl of the Costa Verde, leave those who discover this oasis of fine, warm, golden sand speechless.

A yellow-ochre expanse stretching from the coast to the hinterland, enlivened by the dance of the dunes, up to 60 metres high, which, blown by the wind, paint an ever-changing landscape.

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Ingresso A Sassari 600x350


Officially created in 1297 at the behest of Pope Boniface VIII, the Regnum Sardinie et Corsicae was a Church expedient to resolve the War of Vespers between the Aragonese and Angevins.

The kingdom became a fief of the crown of Aragon and a pass for the Spanish invasion of the island, to the detriment of those who already occupied the land and administered its power: the Giudicato of Arborea and the direct domains of the Dorias of Genoa and the Marquises of Pisa.

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