For a full year, the world as we knew it changed due to a world pandemic: Today, Sardinia has become Italy’s first region to be classed as a low-COVID-19-risk white zone, meaning that many of the restrictions in place in the rest of the country to combat the spread of the coronavirus have been lifted.

Almost 50% of all arrivals in Sardinia fly into Olbia airport Costa Smeralda. It is in this region that lies the heart of Sardinia. In summer, this special island welcomes extraordinary yachts and eminent people from around the World. A few steps from this lively air, however, is what makes Sardinia the gem of the Mediterranean: The expanse of soft white sand of Costa Smeralda’s surrounding beaches lapped up by the turquoise, blue and green reflections of the sea, flanked by granite rocks shaped by time. 1,500 hours of sunshine from May to September. The mixture and crossing of colours, vibes, perfumes of nature, quality of the food, water and wine, culture and historical signs are everywhere you look in this preserved natural environment where the human touch did not destroy the magnificence of nature. It is the playground for adventurers of the land, sea, sun and air: all of which are celebrated in its most pristine form.

Von der Heyden Real Estate is located in the heart of Costa Smeralda and is the area in which we specialize. Our mission is beyond searching for that perfect investment or unforgettable experience for our clients. We seek to find the perfect dream home in Costa Smeralda and strive to make it a reality in the Mediterranean’s most exclusive locations.

Sardinia is a celebrated destination where to rent or buy a work of art whether it is a sea view villa, a picturesque apartment or a yacht that could explore all the hidden wonders of the surrounding sea. The Costa Smeralda is a unique destination and an exclusive location and many who have sought to enhance the existing heritage has always been able to benefit from very interesting rents and margins. Most of the properties on the Costa Smeralda were built during the 80s and 90s. Only a few of them have been renewed over time and, above all the finishes and the internal layout, often no longer correspond to the canons of modern designs. This also applies to many of the seaside villas in lovely and unique locations. At the same time, even the historical owners have reached an advanced age and, after two or three decades of Costa Smeralda, they have decided to sell. All these facts lead to interesting price negotiation opportunities. Those who, in recent years, have purchased, renovated and resold properties with fine finishes and adapted to the current customers taste, have enjoyed comfortable returns.

At Von der Heyden Real Estate we provide opportunities for a world in transition. We understand that Costa Smeralda is footfall from Germany, France, the United Kingdom and high demand from Italy, the United States and Russia are testament of Sardinia luxury draw and world-wide attraction. Moreover, as mentioned in our previous newsletter, the flat tax for proves highly favourable for HNWI as well as for foreign pensioners. Individuals can benefit from an optional tax regime, which provides for the application of a substitute tax on personal income tax with a rate of 7% to any category of income produced abroad – so not only pensions – for each of the nine periods option validity tax.

Specialising in Costa Smeralda, makes Von der Heyden Real Estate the ultimate guide to our clients’ investments and in making dreams become a reality. We will prove to you why, especially this year, Costa Smeralda is the protagonist of the real estate market. It would be my pleasure to meet you personally and helping you discover and invest in this beautiful gem of the Mediterranean Sea.

Marco Solas – Partner and Managing Director
Von der Heyden Real Estate
Where Living is an Art